Stories can change the world

Learn from world-class Catholic Online University photographers, videographers, and visual designers in a series of 'Storytelling for Impact' online courses on how to use compelling photography, video, audio, graphics to tell stories in the most impactful ways to affect change.

Offered to all students, these short, 100% free, self-paced online courses are designed to guide learners to visualize and communicate powerful stories that inspire action.

The first release of our classes are storytelling through photography.

Engaging our students in photographic storytelling as they explore, learn, and communicate their ideas in ways that inspire action. In these self-pace online classes, Catholic Online University provides you with a deep understanding of photographic storytelling, and the value of photography as an instructional tool.

A photographic story can change the way viewers think, feel, and act. They can bring viewers to new places, introduce them to new people, and create empathy for the planet and those who live on it. In these self-paced online course, Catholic Online University will introduce you to the power of photography and guide you in creating your own story.

Are you ready to harness the power of storytelling?